2 March 2007

The pleasure was all mine

I was going thru chellyboy’s resume the other day, where he states, with all the clarity he could muster for a fart:

Captain of the team which won the School District Football championship

Captain of the team which won the College Football championship

Now, I wonder, which son of a bull would name his tournament “School District Football championship” or “College Football championship”?

So I asked chellyboy whats his scene with football. “I did not play football in school, but I developed a passion for it once placements started. Replace football with Fin and you have my Goldman Sachs interview”

Chellyboy was tanking the interview… tanking means the guy doesn’t want the job, so he’s deliberately screwing up and making sure he doesn’t get the job. This is done to please companies. Anyway, that’s not the point.

The GS Interview:

Sit down, have a seat

Thank you, sir

(flips thru the resume)… you look like a general kinda guy.. you’ve taken courses in everything – Fin, Mktg, HR, IT…

I came to do an MBA thinking I’ll take Marketing or Fin… we Indians, as you know, don’t like risks… I also hedged.

You haven’t taken BAV… isn’t that important for your Fin ambitions?

As I told you, I was very confused. But now, in the last 1 month, I have developed a deep passion for Fin. Over the next two months, I’ll study hard and by the time I join, you don’t have to worry. I believe that passion is more important that knowledge.




Ok, pick one sector

I have no preferences… I love them all equally.

Analyse the Aircraft industry… why is there free cash flow in this industry?

As the number of passengers increase, they get a lot of cash from customers… you know, people fly, and have to pay lotsa cash for it.

Do you have any questions for us?

(Thinks of demanding for equity research, push for a posting in Bangalore, perks etc... then he decides to spare the poor guy who flew down all the way from Bombay only to have nobody taking up their not-so-generous offers.)


Thank you, it was a pleasure…

Oh no, sir… the pleasure was ALL MINE.

Today, Chellyboy left the hostel for good. You’re a funny guy, chellyboy… tata :-)


last year, chelly once tried a bicycle kick, while defending, kicked his teammate (Mishaal Chotani) on his face and fell on a concrete football court and broke his hand.