31 July 2009

distrust, equality & gambling

Distrust is tiring. The world is out to suck on your wallet. Turns out that Co Huong is a bitch, who thinks she is Robin Hood. I was happier when I didn’t know. I’m the evil colonial bitch that everyone’s out to fuck. The big fat target that a blind fuck can hit.

Equality is against everything biology stands for. The oppressed are waiting to have someone to oppress or die trying. However, here its much harder to tell someone’s occupation (or social class) from the way they look or speak or are spoken to. The workers in my factory refuse to accept an office job because they earn more lifting bags than they would punching into a computer.

Vietnam is like a chronic chain-smoking gambler with a drinking problem and an eagerness to breed. Everyone bets all the time. And they’re always betting on the same side – the price will go up. The only time they stop betting is when they don’t have resources to continue speculating. Its hard to eat out without someone trying to nag you into buying lottery tickets. There is a friend’s maid who bought 20 kilos of onions and kept it hidden because she thought the price will go up.