5 September 2007

The Story Of Pradyum

Pradyum is the most faltoo, unmotivated freak of nature ever to have fallen thru the cracks in the education system. His life in Madras was modeled on the Mughal Emperors, minus the liquor, women and other intoxicants. He woke up past noon, and watched TV while being served bed-tea. Then he’d slumber through his bodily functions and have unlimited tam meals at home before effortlessly slipping into his afternoon nap. He’d wake up to snacks and head to the tiny ground nearby to play cricket with familiar faces. After the game, they’d stay back and discuss the cricket game and what they watched on TV during the period of separation. After dinner, Pradyum watched more TV - Telegu and Kannada music channels. He’d tip his friends if there was a particularly interesting song… and thus time passed till it was past midnight and time to crash.

Pradyum gave up on CAT after a week’s effort. He randomly ticked all 123 questions and returned home a content man. Later that afternoon, he was told by the pretty news reader he liked on Headlines Today that there was negative marking in the exam. Pradyum had a good laugh. He laughed even more when the results were announced… he managed to beat sincere Sandoze by a good 20 percentile!

I don't remember the last time I saw him... he only said "Subu... take care, goodbye and all that... now I have to rush!" and left for Oz land and replaced machis with mates.

2 September 2007

Detox & Vathakozhambu

Feels good to be clean... the days seem longer... before you get all worked up, i must urge you, at the risk of flirting with hypocrisy, to not judge if you don't understand.

Madras is pleasant. Ratna Cafe meals is so delicious that I can't describe... pardon the mcp quotient, but I wish every woman could make vathakozhambu, and if possible, like Ratna Cafe's.

Parents see horoscopes... Dada would look at resumes, Rajesh would hope to hear movies, and if possible Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind... I've joined DC's mum in the vathakozhambu camp.