23 July 2006

getting hammered helps.

opposites attract. birds of the same feather... english language sucks.

social compulsions suck.
dont judge a book by its cover... but wear suits when you work (and puke out ppts in the classroom).

madhya pradesh sucks. nobody works.
1 chemist for 200 cigarette shops. 2938 potholes for 1 road.

it's been 22 years.


Saiku said...

MP sux? I thought u loved it. Maybe now the way u look at it is different. I mean theres always a huge diff from when u visit a place and when u stay in one...

Deepak Verma said...

hey chill.. I know it all Sucks .. but i think i have a one word or two word substitution for this whole post
" Management Sucks"

me said...

You're obviously not getting hammered enough

Wanderer said...

MP is a really backward state... i loved travelling here because everything was so new and different... my present stay is confined mostly to an area of 2 sq km.. mess-hostel-acad block... its like a little bubble.

deepak, chillax... thats just some gen rant.

paulo, i thought you had some idea.. i know, i cant match a certain high benchmark of poetic writing.. but its ok... i shall deal with it! *wink* :-)

me said...

*wink* back :)