25 April 2007

For The Ennobling Cause Of Cleaner Humankind

I was discussing work with Rajeshwaran the other night… let’s just talk about marketing here, because I know still less about Fin and other crap… how can we give our lives to the pursuit of selling toothpaste, soaps, t-shirts… yet some of these are the most coveted jobs. Being good at something doesn’t mean you should do it. Often, we mercilessly smother the part of us which rebels against such mindlessness. I didn’t have the guts to take Physics over Engineering, or a gap year over MBA.

(Pardon the generalization)

We don’t value our time, or freedom… we treat our time as a (compulsorily) expendable asset… we give up our efforts and time to corporations engaged in senseless pursuits… when I’m 70, and look back at all the soaps that I’ve helped sell over the years, I’m confident of death-by-hyper-excitation.

Encouraged by society and having pledged our lives to mindless pursuits, we look down upon prostitution.


Oh, and all those ‘focused’ people… that goes right over my head. This is probably my confused cynical mind spewing the crap out, but listen me out anyway… I don’t understand how people know that they want to sell soaps. Sorry for being judgemental, but are these people really passionate about human cleanliness?

Selling soaps.

How romantic.


sudhar said...

I guess its pretty absurd to want to be even passoinate about all those things. End of the day if it means you can earn and travel (?) who cares if you sell toilet paper or airplanes? and yeah wannabes are everywhere...i have an inkling thats what puts you off. it certainly does me!

SS said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I like WB Yeats too and the lines you've used in your blog header are ones I find very beautiful.

Wanderer said...


im just curious to know how people motivate themselves to do this for so many years... the lack of worth placed on one's time... nothing wannabe about it.


I'm not a big fan of poetry or Yeats... I liked that bit very much, that's all... never stumbled upon anything from Yeats before or since.

strangely (and purely incidentally), the last time someone appreciated those lines on my blog, terrible things happened :)

Sambuddha said...

Followed a lot of links to get here... a regular blogger :P
Anyway had the guts to take physics over engineering and did my gap year and then the MBA... doesn;t really work.. let me tell ya (generalizations nothwithsatnding)
Beautiful writing,

Tirzah said...

This is great info to know.