17 May 2007

Work Hard, Fart Harder

This is that time of the year when the IIM Indore vs IIM Kozhikode debate clogs up discussion forums... people engage in heated arguments using long write-ups and twisted facts… from academics to discipline to scenic beauty to – maybe cleaner toilets.

I find this typically capitalistic… whether I swear by Clinic All-Clear or Pantene depends only on where I got recruited – HLL or P&G and not because I have some strong original opinion.

Moving on, some of these freshers are eager to know about life at the insti… and someone made the mistake of mentioning brand-building and PR at the insti… so these seniors who reply to these queries go all-out to hype everything up… so some dumbass would ask something inane like “What's the farting scene on campus?” and a senior would reply “@dumbass… yes, Planet I (some fuck-all name for IIM Indore which I’ve never seen outside discussion forums) takes its farting very seriously… regular farting games.. interest clubs.. watchout for special festive meals… be prepared, cuz this is no ordinary campus… here at Planet I, we take our farting very seriously… our motto is to work hard and fart harder!”

The system requires hype to survive… and people to fuel it… personally, I don’t think there is much difference between any of these institutes… 30 years down the line, you’re not gonna give a fuck about which institute you went to… maybe if you’re strong enough to give up this beaten MBA path and pursue art or travel or teaching kids or whatever it is that you really wanna do, you’d remember that very well.

Disclaimer: People who’re really, honestly in love with an MBA, please excuse the above lines… they’re not meant for you.


Manas said...

Fart on...sucker!

asiftherock said...

lolz.... so true :)

Btw dei ur the Hindustan Amaresh that i know rite!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah sometimes, people get sucked into the whole mba - qualification - academics - job profile whirlpool, that you really dont know what you have been upto at the end of it :)