29 December 2006

morbid thoughts

We decided to lean on each other, we needed each other's strength... one day, the other person found a cigarette too tempting to resist, and me, too insignificant to justify resisting the cigarette... and so, took a few steps back to fetch the smoke, while I fell down and broke.

I used to think irrationality justifies everything. Madness, like being drunk, is an excuse to do shit.

Some things (like one's word, spoken or otherwise) shouldn't be let down, ever.

Irrationality, madness and the associated immunity be damned.

It's the time to stand up and be a man.

Mistakes... spilt milk... I'll wipe the milk and my memory while I'm still floundering on the floor.

Someone, help me with a cloth, please?


Anonymous said...

dude ..... life goes on ...... nothing is permanent!!!!

Anonymous said...

Time is the healer, time moves on.