31 December 2006

Thank you, Wendrick

This is a good time to dig out some of my old letters.. this one from Wendrick, written exactly a year back, is one of those timeless classics... don't bother about the context in which it was written... it's irrelevant, really.

New Years Greetings from The Land of Wendrick
Hello Amaresh,
Wow, don't quite know how to start or what to say....At the least, we are concerned about your "period" of confusion....It hasn't expanded into worry yet and we're really hoping your break will truly rejuvenate your whole being.....Its so far back that it's hard to re-kindle the negative emotions that we went through when we first encountered the letdown of other peoples private agendas....Hey, you have yours too....It's a sad reality of the human experience.....It will be no comfort, but it will not be the last friend whose role shifts with time and distance....You can hold a thought longer than most and its tiring for them to keep up with your progress because its evolving at a different pace......The understanding you are gaining on a daily basis is hard to express to those with lesser capacity....Everything that was mutually understood has lost its bonding function and the gap widens with each passing moment....Time won't let you stay.....The only consolation is if you can take what you learned about yourself (and your response or reaction) and take that new understanding and make it useful to your future....Everything seems so easy to understand in retrospect and its hard to realize that these stumbling blocks are having a very real impact on your state of mind, your emotions, and your future.....
In a way, it will be better if you don't hear about your test until after your break.....it will test your resolve to have complete control of your mind and life....without the decision already having been made about your physical reality....School, Job, Travel, Life of an Ascetic...what does it matter....having control of your own destiny is the game.....Embrace your choices and with the best thoughts cleared of daily interference....the choice will be apparent....Be Happy....First & Foremost....Even your friends will be more supportive of the whole you....Be Real...You're Special to everyone you touch.....Hey, have no idea where this is coming or going to....except its coming from our hearts and going to you....Have a Great New Year.....Write when you return....Be Well....Build an OFF switch into your thinking and find that place where absence of thought becomes a comfort and joy....Really re-charge those batteries....We love you and are happy to only be concerned instead of worried...lol....
Wendy & Rick

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