26 February 2008

Apology Letter

As I near the end of over 2 decades of education, i pay tribute to the one thing that they taught me well - the art of apology letters. So, here are my most evolved words:

Dear Sir,

I sincerely apologise for my reckless transgression of the PGP Rule # 22 (4) in receiving a proxy for the 3rd session of PM on January 20, 2008. Words can’t capture the remorse I feel for my juvenile act of disobedience. Not a moment has passed since the crime when I didn’t feel regret for what I did. The guilt and shame that has consumed me over the past 48 hours is the greatest punishment that can be meted out. I promise never to repeat such an act of indiscretion in future and request you to kindly treat this as an exception to my otherwise blemishless record.

Yours sincerely,

V Amaresh Subramaniam


Sreeram N said...

crime it seems... :P

Srinath Ramachandra said...

Blatant plagiarism! Another blotch on your "blemishless" record! :P

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