2 March 2008

Hari Narayan

Hari knows everything there is to be known about three things: booze, smoke and women. He was so cool that his parents taught him everything there is to be taught. He’ll tell you how women who wear blue nail polish on their big toes are sexy. Clich├ęd as it may sound, but as a tribute to our countless Southpark gatherings, Hari is so cool that he decides what’s cool. He’s the guy all parents warn their kids about. He’s influenced countless people into socially accepted bad habits just so that his psychiatrist dad can have a job. Recently he signed me up on jeevansaathi.com. We played a game, where Hari would read two lines of the profiles of three women and I have to pick the best. That presently tops the list of our many mindless pursuits by which I shall remember Hari.

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