15 June 2008

The Cost Of Living

$10 per girl per hour. You can pick and choose, like Mangoes. Flirt, cuddle, scratch, hold and dance. Sex is more expensive.

Fat old bald and slender young firm-breasts. Fat Old’s fat belly is the Slender One’s toy. She plays, He scratches. Edgily. He throws his head back, and revels in the attention.

He walks to a dance floor filled with Slender Ones and Old Balds. Slender One follows, hand in hand. Almost romantic.

Whisky is served in the place of Rum. I protest, nobody gives a fuck.

Hands are meshed, numbers are exchanged. Slender One’s been invited Home. Slender One says “One month I see you then Home”. It’s a balmy night in the lives of The First-Timers.

Me? I don't like paying.

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