5 June 2008

Rượu đế

In my old factory, lunch was the best part of the day (Work = Worship). We got to see the sun as we walked to the mess, listen to incessant gossip, and the food was delicious and subsidised (45 paise). The bad part was that we had all of 30 minutes for the many things we liked about the lunch.

Here in Vietnam, everyone takes an hour long nap after lunch.

Anyway, today my factory had a good day and so we went to a local place for a second lunch. The place was filthy as a state-run wine shop in Tamil Nadu... the floor was littered with half eaten pieces of meat and junk and they had two dogs instead of people to clean up the mess. The dogs roamed around freely, scavenging happily. Everyone was happy.

So I tasted the local rice toddy... harsh and nearly unpalatable, it brought back memories from kerala. Now I'm back at the coffee factory, trying to understand vouchers, ledgers and reports.

I love Vietnam, and I love the freedom.

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K?K! said...

And i love hout-long naps after lunch...
will you offer me a job?