28 June 2008


A good place to meet the rare breed of fat Vietnamese, the massage parlour employs towels that barely make the little path around my 30” waist. I think the massage is the best luxury money can buy in the developing world.

The massage girl smiled and said hi, in an erotic tone. Over the next hour I discovered that it was the only tone she knew. The conversation was plain and she massaged like mad, with the precision of a surgeon. Sometimes she stood on me, sometimes she sat, sometimes she sat beside.

It was strange lying naked but for a loose towel next to a chic I met a minute back. After an hour of clinical build-up, she asked me if I would like her to massage the one part left untouched. I smiled, nervous with embarrassment, and told her about the many women waiting for me in India.


I smiled in deeper embarrassment, and said nothing (almost never happens).


vikram said...


Anonymous said...

how does it matter to your readers whether the girl massaged or gave you a blowjob ?

you may be frank and open. that does not mean that you need to masturbate and shit in public.

before writing ponder for a moment.
you need not write this kind of crap to amuse others. there are better ways.

Great Indian Casanova ... my foot.

Wanderer said...

sometimes people joke, grandma.

i don't tell you what you need to read, you don't tell me what i need to write. simple?

if you still wish to tell me what i need to write, anonymity doesn't help.

grandma said...

all of us have set our standards and levels.
my folly is that i expect you be in my level and you not ot become a hack writer. that may be my mistake.

people judge us by our actions.

dont tell me you are not bothered by others opinion. that would be very tall.

this is just an effort to make you little refined.
again dont jump about "what is refined" and all the blabla.

take it or leave it.

i dont expect you to say 'i am so sorry. i would mend myself' kind of stuff. but definitly my comment would have made you think.

you'll defy and defend. thats you. you dont want to modify. yet change will occur.

have quality time in wherever you are.

Wanderer said...

sometimes the lines are blurred and maybe i cross over and write shit in the eyes of some people. im not claiming to be refined. i write what i see and experience, simple.

if i think about the people who may not like it, or being unrefined, i can never write anything. it kills thought.

people will judge, and someone will always be pissed. you may call this defensive, but how can you assume moral authority in anonymity and tell me what is shit and what is not... people can judge. presently im a nomad, cut off from all the people i've known for 24 years... so yeah, i couldn't care less.

i am stubborn and unwilling to modify, you're right... but why would you want me to be like you? read what i wrote again, maybe there is something that you didn't pick... how can you speak for all the readers? maybe someone else might find it interesting.

there are a few people that i respect and listen to more than others, so if you're one of them, please show up.

Anonymous said...

I’m comfortable being anonymous. You have given me that privilege. Why should I give that up? I may be anyone of your numerous friends or part your family tree or just a passerby. May be your colleague or boss or future girl friend, who knows?

We are not talking about morality and i am not an authority.

If the writer and the reader are in the same league, that would be nice.

Look, you are an intelligent person. You have wit. That is a good combo. Your writing is not exemplary yet good. Keep writing.

Don’t make the reader squirm. That’s all.

That 3 year old dropped and broke the toy. He stares at his mother.
How many times I have told you to be careful, mother chides and looks at him sternly.
He angrily runs towards her and with his tiny hands pummels her.

Wanderer said...

thanks for the nice words.

lol... future girlfriend... thanks for the afterthought. i stand encouraged!

i understand and accept that i may write shit sometimes. whether this is shit or not, i can't decide.

you think it's shit. point taken. while i accept that i might write shit, you're stubbornly refusing to admit to the possibility that some people might've enjoyed reading this. i know of some.

why shouldn't the reader squirm? it was an interesting experience for me that i don't mind sharing with those who might appreciate it. if you disagree, please read The Hindu.

I repeat: i know i write shit sometimes, but it's part of the deal. so your feedback has been taken, and given the weightage due to anonymous, rational feedback. if there are 20 readers, your weightage is 1/20. should you believe your feedback deserves greater weightage that i afford to certain people, only then do i require you to show up.

happy anonymity. ignorance is bliss.

Batman said...

Dear Anonymous/Grandma,

The comments you have penned down are far more graphic than what the author has described.

If you are his friend/relative or future girlfriend, please take it up in person if you feel he is creating a bad image, and you are concerned about it.

Its probably why some authors remain anonymous. To pen down things they want to, and not be worried about tarnishing their public image.

I agree that his posts do meander into sexual overtones occasionally, but lets give him that freedom to write on paper. Its all part of maturing. We hail authors like khushwant singh and even modern ones like jhumpa lahiri - they do express a sexual element now and then. But its part of the game.

In this post, he is merely describing an interesting incident on his visit to a massage therapy session, and the unusual(?) part of it.

Unless he writes about someone,spits a name out or is a page out of an erotic novel, I think he has not crossed the red line.

Your first comment was nasty and hasty.

Anonymous said...

i admit my first one was really a wack.i could have been subtle.
sorry fellas.we all learn.